Storage Rules

Follow 5 elementary rules and we will be able to take care of your stuff in ideal conditions:

Pack your stuff neatly:  

  1. Because it would make your stuff vulnerable, we refuse to store plastic bags or open boxes.

  2. Don’t store items that are too fragile in your boxes or wrap them up sufficiently to protect them from any damage. We always handle your items with care but if your nice tableware, piece of art or electronic devices aren’t wrapped properly they may suffer during transport.

  3. For household electrical appliances and electronic devices, make sure that all cables are unplugged and stuck directly to the device with adhesive tape.

  4. When dismantling a furniture, see that each piece is identified. Assemble same size boards. Avoid visible nails or screws that could damage your furniture or hurt someone. Make sure that your furniture is completely dismantled!Wees voorbereid.

Be ready!  

  1. Make sure everything is ready when we get there! Our driver needs to be able to start loading right away the stuff that you will have packed in advance.

  2. Our driver will be alone to help you. If some objects require more than one person to handle, foresee additional arms or ask us to plan an additional person.

  3. Transport cost includes half an hour for loading your stuff. To avoid additional costs, see that everything is ready to be loaded, meaning already on the ground floor or on the street.

Do not entrust us with illegal or dangerous items :

  1. We do not store any dangerous, toxic, inflammable, gaseous or odorous products.

  2. Because we are respectable workers ;-), we do not store anything illegal such as drugs or stolen item.

  3. Also, we do not store firearms, explosives or fireworks in order to avoid any injury.

Do not store anything edible or still alive (except for drinks) 

Even if we are quite tempted by the idea to store your goldfish, do not! He would unfortunately not survive without proper care… 

Pay your bills

In order to avoid any useless costs and keep a positive relationship, please pay your bills on time. It makes everyone’s life easier! 😉