You only pay for the volume actually stored

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Storage price

You only pay for the volume truly stored*

Less than 5m3

12€ /m3/month

Between 6 and 15m3

10€ /m3/month

Between 16 and 25 m3

9€ /m3/month

Between 26 and 35m3

8€ /m3/month

Entre 36 et 50m3

7€ /m3/month

More than 50m3

These prices include insurance, service and support.

* Except for piano storage, motorcycles, pool tables, foosball, non-demountable equipment (more than 1m20 long) - Should you be in this case, please contact us.

Transport price


10€ / m3
with a minimum of 30€


10€ / m3
with a minimum of 30€

We plan a 1/2h per m3 for loading by our driver. If you need additional help, please refer to the options below.

Your storage options

Un homme supplémentaire

Additional Person

25€ per 1/2h
We plan one driver per van. If you wish for additional help, we can provide you with a second person.
Garde-Meuble : Emballage & Démontage

Packing and dismounting

25€ per 1/2h
You pack your stuff and dismount your furniture. If you need, we can do it for you.
Lift Garde-Meuble


Starting at 70€
Depending on the setting of your flat, you may need a lift. We can advise you and provide one on demand if necessary.
Caisses de Stockage pour Garde-Meuble

Storage Boxes

25€ for 10
We offer you environmentally friendly storage boxes from 25€ for 10.

You can also discover our fixed price packs

Pack de stockage
Storage > Prices

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