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50% discount on your first month of storage, starting at 7€/month

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Your self-storage solution at home

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Collecte d'affaires pour garde-meuble

We come at your place, pick-up your stuff and transport it with care.

Stockage Garde-Meuble

We keep your stuff in our secure warehouse, guarded 24h a day and closed to the public.

Récupérer affaires Garde-Meuble

We bring all or part of your stuff whenever you need it within 24h.

You only pay for the volume really occupied

The only storage solution where you pay for the volume occupied by your belongings. 

  • 1m3



    A few boxes


  • 2m3



    A few boxes and a wardrobe

    A dismounted wardrobe and 10 boxes

  • 3m3



    A 3 place couch

    A small couch with 3 places

  • 4m3



    A student room

    A small bed + mastress, a dismantled bookshelve, a dismantled desk, a chair and a few boxes. 

  • 5m3



    A classic bedroom

    A double bed and a mastress, a chest of drawers, a bedside table, an disassembled dressing table and a lamp.

  • 6M3



    A dinning room

    A table, a buffet, four chairs, a rug and a lamp.

  • 8M3



    A living room

    A disassembled TV desk, two small armchairs, a couch, a cofee table, and a disassembled bookshelve.

  • 12m3



    A studio with one bedroom


  • 15m3



    A flat with one bedroom

  • 25m3



    A house with three bedrooms

    Our Operation Zone in Ghent

    Gand & Surroundings

    • 9030 Mariakerke
    • 9031 Drongen
    • 9040 Sint-Amandsberg
    • 9051 Afsnee


    • 9000 Ghent 

    Storage Price

    Yon only pay for the volume really occupied*

    15€ /m3/month

    Less than 3 m3

    12€ /m3/month

    4-5 m3

    10€ /m3/month

    6-10 m3

    9€ /m3/month

    11-15 m3

    8€ /m3/month

    16-20 m3

    7€ /m3/month

    21-25 m3

    6€ /m3/month

    27-35 m3

    5€ /m3/month

    36-50 m3

    Contact Us

    More than 50 m3

    These prices include insurance, service and support.

    * Except for piano storage, motorcycles, pool tables, foosball, non-demountable equipment (more than 1m20 long) – Should you be in this case, please contact us.

    Transport Price

    For 1 to 10 m3

    10€ / m3
    with a minimum of 30€

    For 10 to 20 m3

    15€ / m3
    with a minimum of 30€

    We plan a 1/2h per m3 for loading by our driver. If you need additional help, please refer to the options below.


    We answer all your questions
    How much does it cost?

    No need to pay a box when you only use half of it. You only pay for the volume occupied by your stored stuff and for its transport (in the case you choose our transport option).

    Where do you store my stuff?

    We have our own wharehouse located at Zaventem where we store our client’s possessions.

    Is your warehouse safe?

    In order to provide you with the maximum security our warehouses are equiped with cameras. They are not accessible to the public.

    Moreover, your possessions are put on pallets as soon as they arrive. They are also wrapped in cellophane.

    Do you have an insurance?

    We have insurances at AXA – Verheyen which cover an amount of 500 EUR / m3.

    I want to store before or after I move, is it possible?

    Of course! Do you need to store your possessions while you are moving? We propose a flexible storage solution. We come to pickup your stuff and take it back at your new adress as soon as you ask it.

    I want to retrieve my stuff, what do I have to do?

    You can contact us by email at [email protected] or at the following number +32 2 897 01 00. You only have to tell us when you want us to come, what do you want to retrieve and at which adress.

    Are you only active in Brussel?

    No! You can find us in the cities of Ghent, Liege and Antwerp

    Now you know everything, the only thing left is to ask for your free quote!