Your move made easy!

Nestore organizes your move from A to Z.

Your move in 3 steps

We select for you the best moving company answering your criteria.

Moving out only one room? Or living on the third floor? We adapt to your request.

Make your inventory

We determine your price based on the volume to move, the specifics of your house and the options you choose.

Get your quote

Within 8 hours, we send you a clear and transparent quote with the best price given by our partners.

Make your move

Your move is organized without surprises to the last box.

How will Nestmove make your life easier? 


You plan your move online. It’s easy and transparent.

Never alone

We stay your single point of contact at all times to facilitate communication and answer your questions.

Transparent pricing

We guarantee you the best price for volume for your move.

Everywhere in Belgium

Whether you are in Arlon or Ostende, we are by your side.

Our garantees 


All our movers have at least 3 years experience. They are able to move efficiently and rapidly any type of house.


All our movers promise to be on time and to act friendly. They have all the necessary equipment to handle your stuff with care (truck, lift and specific protections for all types of objects).


All our movers have a mandatory insurance to cover the value of your belongings for a minimum amount of 15,000€.

For what price?

We compare offers on the market that are the most suited to your needs. And we aim at getting the best value for money. As simple as that!

Now you know everything, the only thing left to do is to book your move!

You also need to store some furniture? Great news, it’s also OUR job.

Nestore also takes care of the things you want to store, the time you want.
You will have access to it online and we will bring it back to you when you want it!

Follow the guide, it’s this way.

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